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Tala Voronoi II LED Light Bulb

Tala Voronoi II LED Light Bulb

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Designed by Tala Manufactured by Tala

With an elongated form and droplet shape, this captivating bulb showcases the beauty of the Fibonacci sequence by wrapping the singular filament around its central column. Mouth-blown and hand-assembled, the Voronoi II is our most popular bulb and continues to inspire people around the world with its striking aesthetic power and superior light output.

Best paired with the Brass pendant and displayed in clusters of three.

Taking inspiration from the intricate patterns found in nature, the Tala design team created our signature Voronoi range to push the design of the light bulb to its limits. Mouth-blown and shaped in a solid steel mould, hand-assembled filaments with an iron tint finish, the Voronoi lamps go through a rigorous manufacture process, with no one bulb the same.

– 3W – CRI 95 – 120 Lumens – 165mm x 300mm – Dimmable LED filament – Edison screw base cap – Reduce energy use by up to 90%


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