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Moebe 90 - 180cm Bed

Moebe 90 - 180cm Bed

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Introduced by Moebe in 2021, the Bed 90 – 180 offers a unique design feature, allowing it to transition seamlessly from a narrow 90cm bed to a more spacious 140, 160, or 180cm width. This adaptable and customizable bed can effortlessly expand its size with the appropriate slats, catering to various needs and preferences. Whether utilized as a cozy 90cm single bed in a child’s room or expanded to its full 180cm width for a luxurious double bed in the master bedroom, its versatility is unmatched.

Compatible with mattresses of any length, the Bed 90 – 180 provides a solution for those seeking a larger sleeping surface simply by acquiring the expander set. Moreover, it boasts certification with the EU Ecolabel, ensuring that only environmentally conscious materials and paints are utilized, promoting a healthy indoor environment within your bedroom.

Available in a palette of four distinct colors, the bed also offers optional bedside table configurations, allowing for further customization and personalization to suit individual tastes and interior decor schemes.


90cm, 140cm, 160cm & 180cm



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