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Sage & Grace

Sage & Grace Snooze Roller Ball

Sage & Grace Snooze Roller Ball

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Designed by by Sage & Grace Manufactured by Sage & Grace

Snooze – a unique blend of three dreamy essential oils to aid relaxation for a restorative good night sleep.

King of relaxation, lavender essential oil helps you fall asleep and improves the quality of sleep. Clary sage essential oil is a natural sedative and reduces your stress hormone cortisol to prepare your body for sleep. Vetiver essential oil, extracted from the roots of the plant has an earthy scent and is incredibly grounding, slowing down your thoughts. Diluted in organic jojoba oil.

Apply this oil topically on pulse points. Colds and coughs tend to enter the body through the nose and mouth so pulse points near these areas are ideal. Suggested sensory pulse points: temples, throat, chest and wrists. 

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