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Flos May Day Lamp

Flos May Day Lamp

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Made to Order - 4-6 Weeks

Designed by Konstantin Grcic Manufactured by Flos

Mayday … Mayday … were the famous last words before the Titanic sank. The S.O.S. call originates from the French ‘m’aider’ (engl. ‘help me’).

Konstantin Grcic designed the MAYDAY lamp to be a tool. It has a practical handle which incorporates the ON/OFF switch and two spikes to wind up the 5 meter long cable. A big hook on the end of the handle comes in helpful to install the lamp wherever needed. The white funnel is at the same time reflector and protector. MAYDAY is not designed for anywhere in specific. It comes in handy in all sorts of expected/unexpected situations.


Dimensions: Width 22 x Height 53cm.

Cord length: 485cm.

Materials: Utility light fixture- Injection-molded tapered opaline polypropylene diffuser. Hook/handle-also acting as cord winder, made of 10% talc-filled injection-molded polypropylene.

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