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Ferm Living Copenhagen Christmas Tree Decoration Kringle

Ferm Living Copenhagen Christmas Tree Decoration Kringle

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Designed by Ferm Living Manufactured by Ferm Living

Having served as the most beautiful scene for Ferm to evolve and explore since the very beginning, the brand is paying tribute to its hometown, Copenhagen. With a series of Copenhagen classics, this line of ornaments features embroidered illustrations of sights and icons of the city. Use them as decorations on the Christmas tree or around the house as a little homage to Copenhagen. Each ornament comes in a small gift box with a watercolour illustration and a short introduction to the sight.

The Kringle Christmas ornament is part of the Copenhagen Ornaments Collection.

Known for its knotted shape, filled with remonce and sprinkled with coarse sugar, this pastry has a dear place in every cake connoisseur’s heart. For centuries the knotted shape has been used as a symbol for bakeries around the world, whereas the guild in Denmark is the only one to display a royal crown as part of their trade symbols.

Ferm Living Copenhagen Christmas Tree Decoration Kringle

Dimensions W: 3-6.5 x H: 5-7 x D: 2 cm Colour: Multi. Material: 100% undiyed organic cotton with multi-coloured embroidery. Recycled polyester filling. Comes in a gift box.

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