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Founded in 1949, the String shelf system, designed by Nisse Strinning, is a timeless piece of design. This simple, economical, and light shelving system is considered one of the twentieth century's foremost designs. It can be transported as a flat package, is easy to assemble, and is customisable with shelves of different depths.

The elegant framing characterises the shelf: a refined ladder climbing up the wall. Robust, adjustable, and flexible, it can be rebuilt, reinvented, and transformed. The String Shelving System balances functionality and form, continually refined to stay modern, making it a beloved Scandinavian design icon.

It all began with a competition in 1949 by Swedish publisher Bonniers, seeking an affordable, easy-to-assemble shelving solution. Nils and Kajsa Strinning's minimalist design won and became popular across Europe, emblematic of a golden era in Scandinavian furniture design.