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Gestalten Garbage Dog Children’s Book

Gestalten Garbage Dog Children’s Book

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Authors: Robbie Wilkinson The debut title by author Robbie Wilkinson with heartwarming illustrations by Eleni Kalorkoti tells the tale of Garbage Dog surviving the streets of a big city and discovering the true meaning of family and friendship.

In a down and out city, Garbage Dog huddles in his cardboard home dreaming of sweet pies and meaty sausages. Even in the darkest of times, a kind dog keeps his spirits up and looks after others. The warmth of Garbage Dog’s character in a cruel city reminds us all that kindness and sympathy is something we create.

A sweet tale that shows how the best gift is one we can all give – the gift of kindness.

Authors: Robbie Wilkinson Release date: July 2019 Format: 22 × 29 cm Features: Full Colour, Hardcover, 32 pages
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