Santa & Cole
Cirio Simple Pendant Light


Designed by Antoni Arola
Manufactured by Santa & Cole

Inspired by the majestic lamps of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Antoni Arola designed Cirio in 2010. Today, the family has expanded and is presented as a system which can easily be set in a variety of compositions.

The shade, beautifully designed, is reminiscent of a candle for its shape, texture and the warmth of its light. The varying shades combined with LED capsules can be used to create different atmospheres: from the porcelain of Sargadelos (Galicia, Spain) that creates candle-like warmth, to translucent opal glass, and the opaque elegance of brass.

Cirio Simple comprises a canopy from which a capsule containing the LED light source hangs. It is a design that highlights room corners with utmost efficiency.

Cirio is a system that provides customisable solutions for verti­cal lighting by combining structures, shades and light textures. The pendant lamp can be used alone or arranged in rows or clusters to illuminate larger areas, in forms such as the Chandelier, Cascada, Circular, Lineal, Oval or Múltiple. A perfect combination of repeated elements. The fusion of technology and tradition; innovation through craftsmanship. A truly unique lighting experience.

  • Brass
  • White Opal Glass
  • White Porcelain Glass
  • Black surface dimmable
  • Black surface dimmable DALI
  • Black/Not Dimmable
  • White built in
  • White surface dimmable
  • White surface dimmable DALI
  • White/Not Dimmable
  • made to order, 2-4 weeks
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Lightsource (included):
built-in LED 3.7W

3m black cable (8m cable also available against a surcharge, please enquire)

white opal glass: 11dia x 21cmh
white porcelain: 10dia x 21cmh
brass: 11dia x 21cm

Other configurations available please search Cirio