Bauhaus Chess Set


Designed by Josef Hartwig
Manufactured by Naef Spiele

Distinctively influenciating the advancement of design and architecture in the 20th century, that’s what the art pedagogic program of the legendary “Bauhaus” was. The philosophy of the interlock of artistic, manufactured and social dimensions is considered as the fundamental turning point to “Industrial Design”.

The chess game with its clear lines appears absolutely timeless as well as many other results of the Bauhaus, becoming a classic. Not least because its checked, reduced chessboard seams to be a Bauhaus-Design. Josef Hartwig’s figures of the year 1923 are characterized through their reduced shapes. Cubes and balls lead you through the moves to the chessmate. The shape of the figures are not inspired from historical examples, but from their function in the game. They are supposed to make the rules of the game easier understandable for everybody.

“The new figures are made of stereometric types: Ball and cube. Single or combined, they specify with their shape the gangue, and with their volume the worth.

The Naef Games AG creates the Bauhaus-Toys according to their original designs.

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Product Description

Design: Josef Hartwig
32 figures in a wooden box: 44 x 7,5 x 4,5 cm
Chequerboard: 36 x 36 x 1,2 cm
Material: wood

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