Utility Scissors


Designed by Hay
Manufactured by Hay

The kitchen scissors were designed in the style of Japanese gardening masters: filigree and stable at the same time. These qualities make the kitchen helpers by Hay adapted to be used for more duties than only cutting herbs.

The rounded handle of the kitchen scissors by Hay isn’t only pretty to look at, it also helps to cut precisely. Since they consists of robust iron, the kitchen scissors are also suitable for more things: besides cutting herbs, the Hay scissors are stable enough to cut roots of vegetables, meat or fish as well as packages.

Since the scissors consist of few parts, they’re easy to clean. That’s the reason why they can fast be used to cut fruits after they have just been used.

  • length 14cm
  • length 20cm
  • 3-5 working days
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Product Description

Material: Iron
Colour: Silver
Small: 14cm
Large: 20cm