Boga Ginger Grater


Designed Valerio Sommella
Manufactured by Alessi

“Boga” is like the fish I caught as a child, silver-bodied with a big eye and never any longer than a hand’s width.” – Valerio Sommella. Boga is a fun and whimsical product that adds a beauty to an everyday object.

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Dimensions (L)18.5 (W) 5.7 (D) 1.8 cm

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Made-to-order: 5-10 Days.
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Non-Mainland UK and International options available.
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“During my last trip to Japan, I often found myself wandering around Kappabashi-dori, a street in Tokyo lined with stores that deal exclusively in kitchen utensils. Obviously, I spent quite a few hours there, and among everything I brought back to Italy there were all kinds of graters for ginger, wasabi, daikon, different in size, material and price. Simple objects, made of a single material, very specific in their function and, for me, extremely fascinating. When I returned to Milan, I could not help but design one.