Poul Henningsen

The fourth child of activist and author Agnes Henningsen, Poul’s early life was spent in the company of his three half-siblings and the Danish literati.
Later, Henningsen studied architecture but never graduated.  Instead he chose to follow a career as a painter/inventor leading him to explore light and more particularly, the function of lighting. The icon that is the PH lamp series for Louis Poulsen was born.

Poul henningsen

The PH collection for Louis Poulsen was developed to create lighting that would make the evening, ‘a restful and relaxing’ time.
In his quest for the perfect lighting composition, the multi-shade lamp became in 1924, the first fixture in the PH series. The multi-shade lamp’s size, shape and position was designed to cleverly distribute a specific volume of light downward. ‘Cosiness’ created.

ph artichoke

Henningsen continued his work with Louis Poulsen and further lighting icons including the PH Artichoke (above right) followedTo this day, Poul Henningsen’s lighting philosophies and creative legacy shape the work at Louis Poulsen.

The legacy Henningsen’s pioneering work on the relationship between light structures, shadows, glare and colour reproduction and our need for light remain at the core of the Louis Poulsen’s ‘beating heart’.

Introducing the NEW Limited Edition Louis Poulsen:
PH 2/2, The Question Mark. 

The limited edition PH 2/2, only available until December 2021, comes in a brass finish paired with mouth-blown opal glass shade that creates beautiful ambience and adds character to any space. A classic, yet playful and figurative design that is unmistakably recognisable as a PH lamp.

The Question Mark is a true testament to Poul Henningsen’s tradition of creating glare-free light and quality craftsmanship with functionality. The limited edition comes in a brass finish paired with mouth-blown opal glass shades that create beautiful ambience and add character to any space.

Staying true to the original design created in 1931 and relevant to contemporary living, the function and flexibility of the table lamp is symbolised by the beautifully elegant handle. The adjustable upper part of the lamp can be titled 45 degrees to the right or left by turning the handle on the middle of the stem’s curvature.
The Question Mark Limited Edition Table Lamp is available at minima.