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storage & shelving

There’s nothing more satisfying than transforming a space with clever storage solutions, which is why minima. specialise in high quality, modern storage from brands such as Vitra, string® and muuto. 


How do you make a design stand the hard test of time? it’s easy, just go for a perfect balance between functionality and form. then keep refining and evolving your idea over and over to make sure it stays in step with changing times. this is exactly how the light and airy string® shelving system has become a beloved design icon, a shining example of timeless scandinavian modern.

More storage solutions.


Punt means “point”, the point where pen meets paper, the point that will become a line; a design; a creation. It is the starting point of an enthralling journey with infinite possibilities where the only goal is to create beauty. 

In 1980, before it was a company, Punt was simply a means of expression for two designers who were driven to channel their creativity. It was born of and for design.