Make your home work

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Make your home Work


Vitra office lifestyle minima birmingham

If you suddenly have to work from home, the value of a comfortable and practical home office takes on a new dimension. Creating a place of retreat that encourages creativity and productivity is the key. This newsletter shows how we can furnish our home with practical and handy accessories.


Hay anything series
Hay Anything Stapler

Anything Series

Anything Stapler

Hay anything tape dispenser
Hay anything scissors

Anything Tape Dispenser

Anything Scissors

Hay kaleido tray

Kaleido Tray

Hay cap pencils set of 2
Hay Marble eraser set of 3

Cap Pencils – Set of 2

Marble Eraser – Set of 3


Organise your space

It’s a challenge to keep a well – used space tidy at all times. The Vitra Accessories collection offers a range of solutions from design classics to contemporary must-haves. Organise your stuff with style, and create the best backdrop for your video conferences.

vitra toolbox lifestyle
vitra toolbox sea blue
vitra toolbox tangerine

Toolbox Sea Blue

Toolbox Tangerine

vitra o-tidy
vitra rotary tray

O – Tidy

Rotary Tray

vitra happy bin
vitra love mug

Happy Bin

Love Mug

vitra office lifestyle desk


marimekko notebooks
marimekko notebooks set of 3


Set of 3

marimekko sticky notes
marimekko sticky notes

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes

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