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Freshen up your Home Office. 

minima. has everything you need to transform your home office into a space you’ll be happy spending the workday, from desk supplies, storage, and furniture that can freshen things up, to tools for brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

hay office

Hay AAC20 Chair

Hay CPH90 Desk

Hay Pinocchio Rug

Hay PC Portable Lamp

Illuminate your space.

Home offices are usually the smallest room in the house, lacking large windows to let the sun stream in, so they tend not to get an abundance of natural light. Instead, use a task light when you’re working to ensure you don’t strain your eyes.

muuto office

Muuto Tip Table Lamp

Muuto Fiber Swivel Chair

Muuto Stacked Storage System

Muuto Compile Bookend

Upgrade your space.

A new piece of furniture is a definite investment, but if you’d been putting off kitting out your home office with a swanky new chair and desk, now’s the time to make your move.

vitra office

Vitra PACC Chair

Vitra Home Desk

Vitra Follow me 2

Vitra EA 217 Soft Pad Chair