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Ferm Living SS20 New Collection 
New In 

Low Living 

Ferm LIVING wants to create products that help you to build a home that is authentically and comfortably you. A home that encompasses all the delights and contradictions of living in a modern world. As that world becomes busier and louder, we’ve found ourselves looking increasingly inwards – for calm, focus and our true sense of home. What we’ve found is a renewed connection to the earth, to that which grounds us. Consequently, many of Ferm’s new designs bring you closer to the ground. This is what we call ‘low living’ – shorter heights that invite you to lean back, rest and connect to your surroundings on a new and deeper level.

Catena Sofa 

The embracing, bean-bag inspired shape of our low-slung Catena sofa is generously dimensioned for all-out relaxation and coziness. The name Catena is inspired by the catenary curve, a u-like shape that a chain or cable adopts when supported only by its ends, and which is mirrored in the soft curves and top-stitched seams of the Catena sofa.

Shay Collection 

Perfectly balancing the classic and trends, the familiar and something new, the Shay series of patchwork textiles presents beautiful quilted blankets with an artful use of collages and colour blocking.

Kona Collection

Inspired by traditional Japanese furniture and ‘low living’, the Kona Bed is ideal for use as a daybed or single bed for overnight guests. With a name derived from the Japanese word for corner, the bed is made from sturdy oak veneer and features a low headboard and raised back panel perfect for resting up against. Made to complement the Kona Bed, the Kona Side Table in oak veneer peeks out from under the bed frame to provide a practical platform for a book, a lamp and a glass of water.

Desert Chair 
Suitable for both indoors and out, the lounge design invites relaxation. Just sit back and enjoy.

Way Collection

Products are woven out of recycled plastic bottles.
Seat, rugs, cushions, and mats made from plastic may not initially sound like you get textiles with a soft, lovely touch and feel. But both the Desert Chair and Way collection won’t leave you longing for virgin wool. Not only is it practical, easily cleaned and suitable for outdoor use, it also feels just as lovely as any other rug that comes your way.

True Rolling Mat and Cushion 

A comfortable ground cover for days in the park or impromptu movie nights under the stars, yarn-dyed cotton-linen roll-up mattress is a versatile design for both indoor and outdoor living.

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