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Vitra christmas

Preparing the Home for Christmas

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Vitra christmas

As far as Christmas is concerned, it’s universally agreed that it is all about spending time with loved ones. Making your own traditions together will create memories for years to come. As such, preparing your home as the backdrop for these moments is another step towards making it even more memorable.

minima Wooden Christmas Tree
Ferm Living enfold blanket

Marimekko Cushions

PH 3/2 Amber Coloured Glass ‘Water Pump’ Floor Lamp – Limited Edition

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In the 1950s, Louis Poulsen introduced a new reading lamp by Poul Henningsen, the celebrated pioneer of Danish design. Because of its adjustable arm that can be levered up and down, the lamp was immediately dubbed ‘The Water Pump’. In honour of Poul Henningsen’s legacy, the PH 3/2 Amber Coloured Glass Floor Lamp is Louis Poulsen’s PH Limited Edition 2019.

The Water Pump retains PH’s famous three-shade system from 1926, which he invented to reduce glare and enhance illumination in his lamp designs. The shades are made of mouth-blown amber-coloured glass – golden on both sides and slightly translucent, which produces a warm and inviting light. In the late 1920s, Poul Henningsen and Louis Poulsen introduced coloured glass lamps to attract new customers, but perhaps the golden ambience that the shades created also reminded the designer of the old days before electricity became standard in every home, sitting at night in the soft glow of kerosene lamps.

The base, stem and arm are made of untreated brushed brass that enhances the authentic feel of the Water Pump to create a sophisticated, yet intimate and cosy ambience in any interior. The light switch can be traced back to Henningsen’s 1927 table lamps. Also crafted from brushed brass, the through-switch is located at the end of the arm. Henningsen’s initials are beautifully engraved beneath the switch. The PH Limited Edition 2019 will be available between 1 October and 31 December.

Poul Henningsen

Poul Henningsen was born in Copenhagen by the famous Danish actress Agnes Henningsen. He never graduated as an architect, but studied at The Technical School at Frederiksberg, Denmark from 1911-14, and then at Technical College in Copenhagen from 1914-17. He started practicing traditional functionalistic architecture, but over the years his professional interests changed to focus mainly on lighting which is what he is most famous for.

Preparing for Autumn

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This morning, the sun endures past dawn.  August has come and gone, September nearly so.

Summer’s last stand, done.  Autumn has taken hold…Holidays, a memory. Tears of departure, and some of return.  Obligations are gathering but home, the hearth, a late night whisky are in the air…

Marimekko Keisarinkruunu Blanket

Marimekko Keisarinkruunu Cushion Cover

Kinto Unitea One Touch Tea Pot

Kinto Unitea Tea Collection

Ferm Living Bendum Vase

Ferm Living Bendum Vase

Marimekko Unikko Blanket

Fritz Hansen Kaiser Idell Luxus Limited Edition

Muuto Under The Bell Pendant

Muuto Under The Bell Pendant

Ferm Living Balance Candle Holder

Louis Poulsen Yuh Table Lamp

OE Quasi Light

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OE Quasi Light 

In partnership with Louis Poulsen, world-renowned Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur Eliasson has created a new, large-scale pendant. With the complex shapes of the OE Quasi, Eliasson combines his long-time interest in geometry and light, reinforcing his and Louis Poulsen’s shared idea that quality of lighting is essential to our lives.

The pendant is composed of two contrasting yet interlinked geometric shapes. The outer layer is a rigid aluminium frame in the shape of an icosahedron with 20 triangular faces. Seemingly floating within the frame, is the inner form, a white polycarbonate reflector in the geometry of a dodecahedron with 12 pentagonal faces. LED lights are embedded in the inner vertices of the aluminium frame connected to light guides along the inner edges. The light is directed towards the reflector in the centre, creating a spherical illumination back into the surroundings.

The OE Quasi has been created with sustainability in mind, a core value of Eliasson’s work. The aluminium used is 90% recycled, while the other materials are entirely recyclable. Aiming for longevity, the design of the product enables replacement and recycling of parts.   The complex geometric shape of the OE Quasi is perceived differently depending on where the observer stands, something that allows endless interpretations and perspectives. With its larger-than-life shape, the OE Quasi will brighten and visually interact with any space while creating smooth and glare-free light.

Olafur Eliasson 

Artist Olafur Eliasson (Iceland/Denmark), born in 1967, works in a wide range of media, including installation, painting, sculpture, photography, and film. Since 1997, his solo shows have appeared in major museums around the world. As part of his practice, he engages with arts education, policy-making, and issues of sustainability and climate change. Eliasson’s projects in public space include The New York City Waterfalls, 2008, Your rainbow panorama, 2006–11; Ice Watch, 2014; and Fjordenhus, Vejle, 2018.

Carl Hansen & Son BM0949P Contour Chair

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The Contour Chair by Børge Mogensen embodies a sculptural, organic and distinctive design vision. The quite remarkable lounge chair was designed in 1949 and has recently been reintroduced by Carl Hansen & Søn..

Carl Hansen BM0949 Contour Chair Oak and Kvadrat Molly

BM0949P Contour chair in Oiled Oak Frame with seat pad upholstered in Kvadrat Molly 0116 Fabric

BM0949P Contour chair in Oiled Walnut Frame with seat pad in SIF 93 Leather

The expressive Contour Chair is a visually stunning example of the design language of the Danish creator. With a backrest in form-pressed veneer, the chair embodies the exciting new material of the time, which allowed for new forms and expressions. Presenting an impressive figure, the Contour Chair provides a stunningly sculptural element to any room.

The lounge chair is created with a frame in solid wood and with angled legs and a curved, backward-sloping seat. The chair gets its distinctive look from the innovative veneer backrest: a shell with two organically shaped cut-outs. The frame features signature Børge Mogensen details such as the mortise and tenon joints with contrasting wooden wedges.

Børge Mogensen

Mogensen’s remarkable chair presents itself as an organic piece of furniture and the lightness in form and materials merges with comfort and flexibility. It tells a story of technique, materials and craftsmanship. As such, the Contour Chair embodies design for the modern day.

Kaiser Idell Special Edition

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The KAISER Idell™ lamp first premiered in 1931. Today, it is recognised around the world as an icon of Bauhaus design, illustrating the movement’s genius for creating versatile, minimalist designs that still seem modern today.

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus movement, Fritz Hansen releases the KAISER Idell Luxus in brass, a material that is not altogether new to the design but that is now presented alongside matt black for a bold pairing of reflective warmth and cool darkness. With time and use, each lamp’s brass details will gain a unique, natural patina. Thus, each piece will change gradually, reflecting its unique place in history.

Designed by Christian Dell
Manufactured by Fritz Hansen

Height: 42.5cm
Shade diameter: 28.5cm
Base diameter: 19.4cm

Materials & finishes
Matt black shade, untreated brass.

Vitra Campaign

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Throughout July with every purchase of selected Vitra lounge chairs & sofas, we’re offering our customers a free gift of your choice up to the value of £400.

Vitra Mariposa Sofa

Vitra Alcove Sofa

Vitra Suita Sofa

Vitra Polder Sofa

Vitra Grand Repos and Ottoman

Vitra Repos and Ottoman

To ensure you stay informed on all things, browse what’s new on our website here.

freitag… in birmingham… ssshhhhh.

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In 1993, graphic designers Markus and Daniel Freitag were looking for a functional, water-repellent and robust bag to hold their creative work. Inspired by the multicolored heavy traffic that rumbled through the Zurich transit intersection in front of their flat, they developed a messenger bag from used truck tarpaulins, discarded bicycle inner tubes and car seat belts. This is how the first FREITAG bags took shape in the living room of their shared apartment – each one recycled, each one unique.

Transforming used truck tarps into highly functional, unique bags takes place in five highly complex stages at the F-actory.

Freeing tarps from their imprisonment as dirty, bulky truck covers so they can be processed further is no walk in the park. We need men like Thomas to turn the gigantic tarp monsters into R.I.P.s (Recycled Individual Products) by first freeing them of eyelets, straps, belts and anything else that a FREITAG bag doesn’t need. With a sharp eye and an even sharper knife, the toughest boys on the F-Crew see the potential of each tarp that lands on their table. They then hack and carve prime cuts from the scruffy beasts and cut them into standardized 7.8-foot pieces, fold them together and send them off to the Laundry Department.

Available at minima.

Hazzard £270

Clapton £230

Miami Vice £75

Lassie £150

Masikura £75

Masikura £75

«Since I have never driven a car in my life but have always cycled, I know that you sometimes need strong, water-repellent, functional bags to get through life.»
Markus Freitag 
string system designer contemporary furniture storage minima birmingham

minima’s February Newsletter

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storage & shelving

There’s nothing more satisfying than transforming a space with clever storage solutions, which is why minima. specialise in high quality, modern storage from brands such as Vitra, string® and muuto. 


How do you make a design stand the hard test of time? it’s easy, just go for a perfect balance between functionality and form. then keep refining and evolving your idea over and over to make sure it stays in step with changing times. this is exactly how the light and airy string® shelving system has become a beloved design icon, a shining example of timeless scandinavian modern.

More storage solutions.


Punt means “point”, the point where pen meets paper, the point that will become a line; a design; a creation. It is the starting point of an enthralling journey with infinite possibilities where the only goal is to create beauty. 

In 1980, before it was a company, Punt was simply a means of expression for two designers who were driven to channel their creativity. It was born of and for design.