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December 2017

By August 5, 2018Featured


minima vitra eames plywood chair

Who indeed, Ms Nina Simone, who indeed?
Already, a year has passed since we first opened the minima door at 58 George St, in the Jewellery Quarter, to a design interested/curious/obsessed visitor.

And what a year! What an absolute pleasure to meet in our fair city, folk from near and far, to talk.  Dialogue has drifted, covering Mr Trump’s inauguration, to the continued political, social and economic fallout of Brexshit (yes, no typing error there!). From the anniversary of the October Revolution, the conduct of Harvey Weinstein, to national horror (imagined?) and shame (very, very real) of Grenfell.  This image will remain in the collective mind, as it should, long after the year’s novelties have faded. 2017- It’s been a tough one. And for many, still is, with little hope for optimism.

Fritz Hansen Ant chair

In our ‘micro’ world at minima., sure there have been challenges but those have been essentially, C21 type matters.  Reflecting on the year, remembering on events past, can lead memory to yield to pride, as Nietzsche noted. Times of trouble often are too easily erased, rather than learned from, grown from.

As we look forward to the challenges that 2018, will no doubt bring, advice and words of warning are about us. There is the ‘only way to get somewhere is to work out where you’re going before you get there’ school of thought but as John Updike observed in his brilliant novel, Rabbit, Run,  “Everybody who tells you how to act has whisky on their breath.”

Please come by to George Street and let’s say hello to each other, and adieu to 2017.  As always, a plethora of marvels upon which ponder.  The works of Mrs and Mr Eames, Mr Aalto, Mr Bertoia, Mr Prouvé, Mr Sottsass, Mr Saarinen, Mr Jacobsen, Mr Tapiovaara and Mr Castiglioni sustain inspiration for hope, optimism and the sheer brilliance of the human spirit.

Knoll womb chair

With the words of Noir Désir, we bid you a marvellous 2018…

…Je n’ai pas peur de la route
Faudrait voir, faut qu’on y goûte
Des méandres au creux des reins
Et tout ira bien là
Le vent nous portera

Knoll Saarinen tulip chair

Ton message à la Grande Ourse
Et la trajectoire de la course
Un instantané de velours
Même s’il ne sert à rien va
Le vent l’emportera
Tout disparaîtra mais
Le vent nous portera

La caresse et la mitraille
Et cette plaie qui nous tiraille
Le palais des autres jours
D’hier et demain
Le vent les portera

Génétique en bandoulière
Des chromosomes dans l’atmosphère
Des taxis pour les galaxies
Et mon tapis volant dis ?

Vitra standard chair

Tout disparaîtra mais
Le vent nous portera

Ce parfum de nos années mortes
Ce qui peut frapper à ta porte
Infinité de destins
On en pose un et qu’est-ce qu’on en retient?
Le vent l’emportera

Pendant que la marée monte
Et que chacun refait ses comptes
J’emmène au creux de mon ombre
Des poussières de toi
Le vent les portera
Tout disparaîtra mais
Le vent nous portera…

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