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November 2017

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Who ever said that pleasure wasn’t functional? » Charles Eames

Oh the power of being limited…aren’t there quite unbelievable prices that are being paid for works by Banksy? Even way back in 2008, “Keep It Spotless” sold at a Sotheby’s auction in New York for $1.8 million dollars. Based in Bristol, he is a graffiti artist and political activist who straddles the world between street art and fine art. As the story goes, Banksy was being chased

Keep it spotless

one night by the police for vandalising a wall with graffiti, and while hiding under a dustbin truck, he noticed a stencilled serial number. That inspired him to begin stencilling – as it allowed him to create hundreds of works of street art quickly, without being caught. His work has a subversive sense of humour, wrapped in a political statement.

Fun or subversive limited-edition brands, like Banksy graffiti, show up quickly, and are only available in limited numbers. A few of such items are available at minima. right now…

Vitra Eames Plywood Elephant

Eames Elephant (Plywood)
Charles & Ray Eames, 1945 
Charles and Ray Eames developed a toy elephant made of plywood in 1945; however, this piece never went into production. One prototype was shown at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1946 and still survives in the Eames family archives today. After a limited edition in 2007, Vitra has now launched serial production of the Eames Elephant in plywood for the very first time. The Eames Elephant is also available in plastic, ideal for children, as well as in a scaled-down version, Eames Elephant (small), which comes in a variety of colours and is also made of plastic.

Eames house bird white

Eames House Bird White
For decades, the carved figure of a wooden bird has occupied a central place in
the Eames House, as an especially prized artefact among the possessions of Charlesand Ray Eames and is now available in white.

Louis Poulsen PH31/2-3 Amber coloured glass pendant

PH 31⁄2-3 Amber Coloured Glass Pendant – Limited Edition
In celebration of Henningsen’s ingenious light play, Louis Poulsen is releasing a limited edition of his PH 31⁄2-3 pendant, originally designed in 1926. Featuring amber- coloured glass and a brass suspension, the exclusive pendant will be available to our customers at minima, design aficionados, for just two months, from November through December 2017.

one last thing: On a separate but similarly ‘special’ note, one year has passed since we opened the doors to our subterranean design haven. We will be marking this one year anniversary on Saturday, December 9th, 1200-2000. A whole day of treats awaits…and just before Christmas! Please come and join us.

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