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October 2017

By August 5, 2018Featured
Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you’ve got to say, and say it hot.”  DH Lawrence

What are the things essential to our lives?  
The answers could be: our children, a good stiff drink, our parents, a run in the park, the reading of books, a holiday, a  football team, the cinema, a cigarette, a job, love. And yet life has a way of forcing us to re-think. Children leave home, we forget about our favourite park, doctors tell us to stop smoking and drinking, our football team never wins and hearts get broken.


Kartell namaste trays
Cracks appear…Our picture of the world becomes askew, hangs crookedly on the wall.  But we adapt.  As individuals we are constant adaptors of ourselves.
Some of us get lucky and do not have a job, instead, a vocation.  And this ‘project’- It is ours- we think in musical terms of ‘Elevator Beat’ from Vanillia Sky, of Mr John Coltrane, of Bowie, of Leonard Cohen, not  forgetting Prince, of Camera Obscura’; in art, the work of Messiers Picasso, Hockney and Gormley; in literature, the quite brilliant Richard Yeats, John Edward Williams and Sylvia  Plath; in film, the sheer genius of Jean-Luc Godard, Ingmar Bergmann and Michelangelo Antonino; in theatre from William Shakespeare to Sarah Kane, via Anouilh, Beckett, Pinter; in movement from Madame Bausch to Acosta. And on we could go…
There’s a similar roll call in the more domestic world: Aalto, Eames, Castiglioni, Jacobsen, Kjaerholm- all sublime Masters of their craft.
June 2017
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